Long Reach Demolition

Are you looking to safely and professionally conduct a long reach demolition project to make way for a more modern replacement? Call the experts, Prime Demolition, today on 07821497868 to speak to one of our team. We will give you all the information you need to realise we are the only choice you should consider.

The Best High Rise Demolition

Contrary to popular belief, perpetuated by television programmes and cartoons, buildings are not ‘knocked over.’ Using a wrecking ball to take down a building that is many storeys high would be immeasurably dangerous for anyone within range of the building. Long reach demolition is a strategic and carefully planned exercise, which requires highly professional approaches.

Instead of knocking over a building, Prime Demolition use efficient and effective high rise demolition processes of ‘top down demolition’ to dismantle the building instead. This results in exactly how it sounds; the building is deconstructed meticulously from the top floor, working down to the bottom. This applies to almost any multi storey demolition project, although some examples of the new breed of ‘mega-tall’ skyscrapers require different methods.

Our specialised machinery is designed for this specific purpose, and our team are expertly trained and certified to operate with unyielding precision and efficiency. You know that when Prime Demolition is taking care of your demolition, you have got the best.


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Site Clearance

After the long reach demolition is complete, you will definitely need someone to clean up the debris and rubble left behind. Prime Demolition offers efficient and competitively priced site clearance, which goes hand in hand with our multi storey demolition and high rise demolition services.

We will take care of the logistics and disposal involved with the site clearance, so you don’t need to worry about anything. Our team of motivated tradespeople will make sure your site is ready for the up and coming new build, and all in time with your schedule as well.

Why Prime Demolition?

Our experience gives us the ability to provide a unique level of service, so you can count on us for all of your multi storey demolition needs. We ensure that the highest levels of site safety and procedural correctness are adhered to. This makes sure everyone is safe, and the long reach demolition is completed without issue.

Our machinery is the highest tier specialist equipment, and all of the tradespeople which operate them have proven track records and multitudes of successful projects behind them. Likewise, our team is also capable of providing other great services too such as:

As a company, we are proudly certified by CHAS (The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and are a listed approved contractor. We are also a member of SMAS (Safety Management Advisory Services) so you know we are held to the highest industry standards for etiquette, health and safety, and performance results.

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If you are ready to get in contact with Prime Demolition, there are several methods in which you can achieve this. Whether you just want to ask us a question about our services or book a survey and free no obligation quotation for a project you are planning, we always welcome getting in contact.

The first method to get a hold of us is to pick up for your phone and give our team a call on 07821497868. We are available 24 hours a day, so we can always be reached in short order over the phone.

You can also try the mobile number, if for any reason the office number isn’t available. Give us a ring on 07821497868.

Alternatively, if you prefer to contact us using a written method, you will be glad to know that featured in our easily navigable website, there is a handy and easy to use online form. All we need is your name, email address, a contact number if you would like a call back, and, of course, your message or enquiry.

Finally, another written method is that of email. Our email address is primedemolition@gmail.com, and we monitor the email submissions diligently. This ensures you will receive a forthcoming response that is both comprehensive and timely about our long reach demolition.