Demolition Contractors in Portsmouth

Are you hoping to have a professional demolition carried out? Do you require the help of expert demolition contractors? Portsmouth clients, look no further, as you’ve now found the team at Prime Demolition! We’re proud to be the number one company for many local clients that require demolition services. 

You can learn more about our excellent services by getting in touch with our friendly team today! Give our demolition experts a call now on 07821497868 or email any queries to Read on to learn more about the fantastic demolition services we offer and find out why we’re such a highly sought-after team. 

Have You Been Searching for a Team of Professional Demolition Experts Who Can Help with Your Project? 

Here at Prime Demolition, we’re delighted to be the first-choice team for many local clients that require demolition contractors. Portsmouth clients are sure to be impressed by the quality of service we deliver, as our team go above and beyond at every opportunity to deliver exceptional service. Our experts are trained to the highest standard, and as such, are confident in being able to fulfil the needs of all clients. 

In the time that we’ve been operating throughout Portsmouth, we’ve managed to deliver excellent demolition services consistently. Our staff will work closely with you throughout the demolition project to make sure that all your requirements are being met. 

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Demolition Contractors in Portsmouth

We pride ourselves on being able to deliver the best demolition services Portsmouth has to offer. Our staff are all fully trained when it comes to demolition work and have plenty of experience when it comes to projects of varying size. Thanks to our impressive history of success, we’ve become the number one demolition contractors for many Portsmouth clients. 

Demolition contractors are essential for all demolition projects, as only they will have the correct understanding of the required health and safety standards. Hiring experts such as ours will ensure that everyone on your demolition site is kept safe during the entire process. 

Portsmouth Demolition

Demolition work is often necessary if a construction or refurbishment project is to move forward. Whether this involves the destruction of an entire building or only part of one, it is essential for demolition contractors to be involved in the process. Professional assistance will ensure that demolition work is carried out to a high standard and completed quickly. 

We at Prime Demolition understand how vital it is for clients to receive demolition service that is tailored to their specific project. It is for this reason that our team deliver personalised service to all clients. You can expect our demolition team to consult with you thoroughly as they make sure that your specific project requirements are fulfilled. 

High Reach Demolition Contractors in Portsmouth

Often, demolition work will require the use of cranes and other high reach equipment to make sure that all areas of the building are demolished correctly. We are delighted to have access to suitable equipment and vehicles, which help us make sure that all demolition work can be completed to a high standard. 

Our high reach demolition equipment will allow us to complete your project quickly and to a high standard. You can rely on the skill and knowledge of our team, who will use their expertise to make sure that the high reach equipment is utilised correctly. 

Choose Us for the Best Demolition Contractors Portsmouth Has to Offer 

We are proud of the excellent reputation that we’ve managed to build up over the years. In the time that we’ve been operating, we’ve only continued to improve the quality of our demolition work. Our staff are always looking for ways to improve the experience for clients and make sure that all their demolition requirements are fulfilled. 

You can expect to receive personalised service from start to finish that ensures demolition work is completed in a fashion suitable for your project. Our demolition experts have the tools, skill, and experience required to tackle domestic, commercial, and industrial projects. If you believe we can be of demolition assistance, be sure to contact us today!

Other Services Available from Our Demolition Contractors, Portsmouth 

At Prime Demolition, it has long been our aim to cater to the needs of all clients. As such, our experts have continued to broaden the range of services we offer to add to our already impressive demolition capabilities. The flexibility of our team means that we can deliver the same high standard of work for every service. Reading below will give you a clear idea of the other services we offer that complement our demolition capabilities. 

Retail Strip-Out  

If you’re planning on refurbishing your retail site, or it is being stripped out for a new business to move in, we have the service for you. Our demolition experts can also carry out retail strip-out, which will see them remove everything from the inside of the building without damaging the structural integrity. The retail strip-out service we offer is versatile, so it can be performed regardless of the size of the property. 

Skip Hire 

During the demolition process, you’re likely to accumulate a lot of waste that needs to be collected. Our sister company, AYS Skip Hire, has skip hire options available for clients who want to have this waste collected quickly. We offer a vast range of skip sizes, so you’re sure to find one that is suitable, no matter the size of your demolition project. The skips we offer are of exceptional qualityensuring effectiveness. 

Site Clearance 

Once your site has undergone a demolition, there will be a lot of debris left that will need to be cleared. It is here where our team can provide assistance, as we offer a site clearance service that involves our team clearing all left-over waste and disposing of it responsibly. We carry out this site clearance service with speed and efficiency so that you can get on with the next stage of your project promptly. 

Recent Demolition Projects

We have a continuous flow of work thanks to the in-demand services we offer. On recent projects, we have carried out all the work outlined above and more as part of our complete service. We are proud to have left all our previous clients satisfied by providing them with personalised service that has garnered the desired demolition results. The quality of our past demolition work has allowed clients to kick on with their projects and provided a platform for success. 

How Long Does a Demolition Take?

The length of time that a demolition takes depends on several factors. For a start, the size of the project will greatly determine how long our demolition team need to have it completed. If you are working on a large-scale industrial demolition project, then it is likely that we’ll need longer than if it were a small domestic job. 

Secondly, the length of time a project takes will depend greatly on the timeline you have in place. If you require a demolition project to be completed in a certain time frame, then our team will schedule in work to have it finished by the deadline. 


Is Prime Demolition Environmentally Friendly? 

We believe that we have a responsibility to look after the environment when working on various demolition projects. It is for this reason that we make sure to be responsible with the waste that comes as a result of our work. We also take care to ensure that the equipment we use for every demolition is efficient and environmentally friendly. If you’d like to learn more about the steps we take to protect the environment, contact us today. 

Areas We Cover  

We at Prime Demolition aim to cater to the needs of all clients, which is why we have continued to expand the number of areas in which we can carry out demolition work. Our team operate throughout Hampshire, Dorset, and many more places where our demolition services are required.  

We aim to keep broadening our reach so as to meet the needs of even more clients throughout the country. Those living in the areas we currently operate within can expect to receive exceptional service on every project. Our team are familiar with the various areas, so they’re confident in being able to reach you without issue. 



While reading about our demolition work can be useful, it’s far better to take a look at our past work for yourself. It is for this reason that we’ve put together a dedicated online gallery that shows off the results from some of our most recent demolition projects. For example, you can browse our most recent demolition undertaking in Portsmouth. 

Taking a look through these pictures will give you a better idea of what to expect from our demolition contractors. Portsmouth clients are sure to be impressed with the results that we’ve delivered on past projects. 


We at Prime Demolition understand how important it is for clients to know that they’re dealing with a reliable team of demolition contractors. After all, demolition work must be carried out safely and to an exceptional standard to guarantee the desired results. As such, we are proud to report that we’re endorsed by several industry bodies that fully endorse our services. 

Amongst the esteemed companies that accredit our team are CHAS and SMAS. These companies recognise the quality of the service we deliver, as well as the competency of our staff. It is because of such endorsements that we’re considered to be the best demolition contractors Portsmouth has. 

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So, would you like to take advantage of the best demolition contractors Portsmouth has to offer? Then don’t hesitate to contact us at Prime Demolition today! Our staff are always willing to discuss our demolition services at length, so be sure to reach out if you have any specific queries. We will do our best to answer your questions in full and provide you with the required information. 

If you’d like to speak to a member of our friendly team directly, you can do so by calling us on 07821497868. Alternatively, email any queries to or fill out our online contact form, and we’ll get back to you shortly.