Demolition and Strip Out Services

Are you in need of either levelling or clearing out a building and you are not sure who to turn to for the best services at competitive prices? If this sounds like your current situation, then you can relax now that you have found Prime Demolition. For the finest demolition and strip out services in Dorset, with nationwide availability, call our friendly and knowledgeable team today on 07821497868.

Superior Strip Out And Demolition Services

When it comes to demolition and strip out services, there is only one provider you need to consider and that is the team here at Prime Demolition. We have years of experience to offer and our customer-focused strip out and demolition services will ensure you get the results you have been searching for. Our full range of services includes: Demolition and Strip Out Services

So no matter your requirements, whether it is an expensive and complex project or a small and straightforward need for site clearance services, we have got you covered for every eventuality.

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Demolition And High Reach

If you have concerns about a building you own or if it has been deemed unsafe, then our demolition and strip out services are just what you need. They are the perfect start to redevelopments of brownfield sites and can be the beginning of a prospering residential or commercial property.

With every aspect of our demolition and strip out services, safety is the main priority for everyone involved in the project. A building coming down prematurely or accidentally due to a miscalculation can be devastating, and it is something we take every precaution to avoid. All of our equipment is modern and well-maintained so that we can maximise our productivity, and expedite the process as much and as safely as possible.

Skip Hire And Site Clearance Services

It can be very difficult to know where to start with a construction project if your site is not completely ready to go. In this light, there are no site clearance services that can match the efficiency and effectiveness of our team.

Our site clearance, demolition and strip out services can also be accompanied by skip hire, either long term or short term depending on your requirements. You can also set up regular pickups to empty and replace your skip, which is on a schedule tailored to your needs. Our intelligently priced packages and options make for great flexibility and give you the results you need.

Why Choose Our Strip Out And Demolition Services?

Here at Prime Demolition, we take pride in our work. This has led to us garnering a reputation for excellence and fantastic customer service. We are widely considered the number one provider for demolition and strip out services, so much so that many of our new clients approach us from recommendations. They hear about our exceptional results and courteous etiquette from friends, family, or colleagues and they know exactly who to trust from that point on.

There are strict procedures and legislation that surround the industry we specialise in, and we are always updating our team’s training and our knowledge so that we always uphold these regulations. We are proud to be accredited members of CHAS and SMAS, which are two prestigious governing bodies for demolition and strip out services.

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