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Are you searching for a company that provides expert, fully certified demolition services? Then look no further than Prime Demolition as we offer safe and controlled services to clients anywhere in the UK. We’re a name you can trust for professional and reliable demolition services. Our bespoke approach ensures you have nothing to worry about and that every last detail will be taken care of, from demolition to site clearances. To discuss your situation in more detail, give our commercial demolition contractors a call now on 07821497868.

Professional Commercial Demolition Services You Can Trust 

Every single day, buildings are scheduled for demolition for one reason or another. It could be that the building is old or dangerous. It could be that the building is no longer relevant and is to be replaced with something else. Whatever the reason, bringing down a building of any size is a job best left to the experts. At Prime Demolition, our skilled team of commercial demolition contractors are on hand to provide a professional, reliable service available nationwide.

Our highly skilled team provide safe and controlled services utilising the cutting-edge, well-maintained equipment procured by our commercial demolition company. To get started, just call us, and we’ll meet you at the site to ascertain how to proceed. We do our due diligence, preparing method statements and risk assessments before proceeding. And we use expertly coordinated and controlled methods to safely bring down any building without posing any risk to buildings, infrastructure, and persons in the immediate vicinity.

Once demolished, our commercial demolition contractors will clear the site of any debris, including hazardous materials. All building waste is recycled where possible for aggregates and salvage. Any debris that can’t be salvaged is disposed of. Any hazardous materials are also disposed of following correct guidelines.

We tackle one-off jobs, and we also accept public contracts. Plus, if you require emergency commercial demolition services, know that our team are available 24/7.

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High-Reach Commercial Demolition Contractors

Besides small- and medium-sized buildings, our commercial demolition company also demolishes high-rise buildings. Such buildings are particularly challenging, requiring a greater degree of planning and preparation. Additional considerations must be made when working at height. Fortunately, our team are all skilled in this area. As with our regular demolition service, we take care of everything, from preparing method statements and risk assessments to dropping the building and clearing the site.

Our commercial demolition contractors have access to the best high-reach equipment, ensuring any work is handled correctly and safely. To find out more or to request a high-reach demolition service, make sure to phone Prime Demolition to speak with one of our knowledgeable team members.

Also Available from Prime Demolition

Also Available from Prime Demolition

While our main specialisation is as commercial demolition contractors, we at Prime Demolition can also help in other capacities, including:

There comes a time where you’re looking to have a huge clear out or do a little renovating. Suddenly, you’re left with more rubbish and waste to offload than you know what to do with. Transporting this all in your car to your local tip is problematic. Tips often impose limits on certain types of waste, such as building materials, and can also impose fees on you. Plus, you risk messing up your personal vehicle. The solution? Skip hire provided by our commercial demolition contractors.

Skips are a great way to dispose of large amounts of rubbish and waste quickly. You simply pick the skip you want, and we’ll get it delivered to your property. Once it’s full, you simply call us up, and we’ll come and collect it. We supply skips in a variety of sizes, which are as follows:

  • 2yd Mini Skip
  • 4yd Midi Skip
  • 6yd Maxi Skip
  • 8yd Maxi Plus Skip
  • 10yd Mega Skip
  • 12yd Mega Plus Skip

Site Clearances

We’ve touched on this above, but we at Prime Demolition offer site clearance services. Perhaps you’ve recently purchased a location that’s best described as being a mess. From debris and building materials to half-broken structures, such areas aren’t conducive to redevelopment. That’s where our site clearance service comes in. Our commercial demolition contractors are fully licensed waste collectors, providing safe and legal services which are entirely eco-friendly. We recycle as much debris as we can into aggregates and salvage.

Our team can remove anything, from old walls and hazardous waste to half crumbled structures, rubble, and more. Do you need to get rid of green waste? Not a problem – we can remove trees, hedges, shrubbery and other greenery. We even possess the required plant machinery to tackle all manner of jobs, from excavation to drainage and other site preparation work. Whatever you need of us, our commercial demolition contractors will deliver and for the most affordable price possible.

Retail and Office Strip Outs

Whether you’ve just taken possession of a new retail unit or office building or you’re looking to rebrand or renovate, you must first do away with the old before you can introduce the new. Stripping out an entire building is a hard and tedious process that takes time. And it’s not as easy as it looks. The Prime Demolition team make it look easy, however. We possess the expertise and equipment needed to strip everything right back to the bare nuts and bolts.

For years, our commercial demolition contractors have been assisting countless commercial clients right across the UK. In fact, we’re one of the few local companies to provide a nationwide retail and office strip out service. Better still, our service is available night and day. This means we can get everything stripped out ready for a refit without causing any disruption to you or your team. And we can turn around jobs a lot quicker, so you’re not kept waiting longer than necessary to proceed with the next stage of your project.

Why Should You Choose Our Commercial Demolition Company? 

When choosing to have any demolition work carried out, it’s important that you leave it to the professionals. But who do you trust? Every company makes the same promises, but not every company keeps to these promises. At Prime Demolition, we do, and you don’t even have to take our word for it. On our service pages, you’ll find various testimonials, like the one below. 

Would like to let you know how pleased I am with the recent projects carried out by Prime Demolition. I would thoroughly recommend your services and have found your operatives of excellent quality. Job well done!! Thank you. 

Nigel Gladen, GCL (Greenfield Contracting Ltd) 

There’s also the fact that our commercial demolition contractors come so highly accredited. We have accreditations with organisations that include CHASSMASUKATACITBNPORS, and IPAF. Such accreditations should demonstrate our capabilities as well as our adherence to health and safety. In fact, our UKATA status actually certifies us to handle and dispose of asbestos. Meaning we can tackle any demolition work where asbestos is suspected or confirmed. 

And regardless of what service we end up providing you with, you can trust it’ll be carried out by highly trained professionals in-line with relevant legislation and industry regulations. Plus, with prices as affordable as ours, you’ll never pay over the odds when choosing our commercial demolition services. 

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